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African Transformation from 1865-1920 - 1832 Words

The Progression of African Americans from 1865 to 1920 America has changed, as a whole, throughout this time period. There have been many different presidents, elections, wars and other world issues. These factors contribute to the drastic change in America and to the American people. African Americans have gone through many different changes other than those of the other races. With the end of the Civil War, African Americans went through a lot of change with the end of slavery. Throughout this essay I will explain the legislature, economic, philosophies, leaders, movement of people and other factors that contributed to the drastic change of the African American people between 1865 to 1920. In 1865 Reconstruction stared after the end of†¦show more content†¦For blacks that did not want to return to Africa there were very few options for them if they choose to stay. The first main problem was should they stay in the South or go somewhere else to find shelter and a job. The n ext problem was to find a job. To replace the slaves plantation owner implemented share cropping. Share cropping was a form of paid slavery that gave the families that choose to work on the plantation as share croppers a plot of land to farm and a place to live. The share croppers would give a large portion of what they had farmed to the owner of the land and they would get to keep a small amount of what they had harvested for themselves to live off of. For those who had joined the Union army during the Civil War, they had to try to get what they were promised which was forty acres of land and a mule to plow it. Though promise was rarely met this was an option for some freedmen who choose to stay in the U.S. To help freedmen get what they needed such a job, food, or education the Freedmen’s Bureau was started. This bureau was started to help get recently freed slaves on their feet after the Civil War. Former slaves had a hard time finding jobs but they did it anyway. During reconstruction the Southern Democrats wanted to get rid of the collation of Republicans that controlled the post war south. The Bourbon Democrats that want to oust this collation of freedmen,Show MoreRelatedEssay about African Americans in the Civil War981 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the duration of the Civil War in 1861 to the 1920s, African Americans made significant strides toward their advancement in America and toward equity with whites. After having being subjected to white governance and enslaved for so long, their dependence generated a sense of unfamiliarity with their newly acquired emancipation. This uncertainty sparked many debates regarding the most effectual way to go about receiving their â€Å"inalienable† rights as human beings, not merely substandard NegrosRead MoreAshford 4: - Week 3 - Assignment1335 Words   |  6 PagesFor this assignment, you will choose your topic and the six (or more) related events and developments that span the years 1865 to t he present. You will then find one scholarly source related to each event or development plus two additional scholarly sources for a total of 8 scholarly sources in addition to your textbook. At least four of your scholarly sources must come from the Ashford Library and at least two of your sources must be primary sources. Primary sources are documents or artifacts thatRead MoreAfrican Americ A Transformation For Blacks1390 Words   |  6 Pagesimprovements brought about a transformation for blacks. The south was irritated at the Blacks since they had picked up their opportunity against the will of numerous southern white men. African American had their opportunity again at the same time, they needed to battle to pick up suffrage and social liberties. December 1865 imprints the most critical crossroads in history for all African American in the United States of America. Black people was free once more. They were free from bondage be that as itRead MoreCivil Conflicts and the Lives of African-Americans1196 Words   |  5 PagesGreat Plains from 1865 to 1900 The new railroads in the West occasioned by the Civil War opened up the area to economic development and new settlers. American settlers from the East entered via the Mississippi to ranch farm and mine. Native American settlers also poured from Deep South after being convinced that prosperity was only found in the West. Chinese workers constructing the railroads worsened diversity of the population in this region. The Great Plains underwent transformation because ofRead MoreHow The Great Migration Impacted The Harlem Renaissance2641 Words   |  11 Pagesand cultural movement throughout the 1920‘s and 30‘s. It was a time when much of the history of the African American people were given a voice through the creative efforts of those who were directly involved and affected by the Great Migration. It had a great impact on what life was like for these people and their families and also impacted the society as a whole. This Great Migration began at the end of the start of Wor ld War I from 1917, however many African Americans had begun migrating even beforeRead MoreEducation For Upper Class Girls2181 Words   |  9 Pageswork. Since the middle of the 19th century, women’s education began to be taken more seriously. More schools were opened that aimed to give girls a good academic education as boys. Girls also began to go to college, in America girls began to enroll from about 1870, and by 1880, they made up a third of the student population. By 1890, colleges for girls had become so familiar that the Ladies Home Journal ran a subscription selling contest, the prize was a scholarship to Vasser. For the duration ofRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Life And Life2165 Words   |  9 PagesWilliam S. U’Ren’s parents came to the United States from Cornwall, England. William Richard U’Ren and his wife Frances, were religious followers of John Wesley and looked at the United States, as a new start. William S. U’Ren was born in Lancaster, Wisconsin, on January 10, 1859, and would be brought up within a religious home. His mother focused on the reading of the bible and understood the stories that foretold individuals looking for a better life. At the age of 17 (1876), William left hisRead MoreThe During The Civil War Era2481 Words   |  10 Pages1975 the United States experiences growth in many areas of higher education (HE). Various publications, people, acts and legislation influenced change in thought, access, policy, practice, and assessment of HE. From the Civil War Era to the Mass Education Era we witnessed the struggle of African Americans that influenced important legislation, the Progressive Movement and the birth of the Wisconsin Idea, the publication and revision of the Student Personnel Point of View, the President’s Commission onRead MoreTap Dance: A Uniquely American Dance Form3422 Words   |  14 Pagesinvolves the intercultural fusions of English, Irish and African musical and dance traditions. The evolution of tap dance in America is further complicated by issues of race, class and gender. Unlike ballet with its formal technique, tap dance emerged from people listening to and watching each other dance, in a variety of settings, where steps were shared, stolen and reinvented. Through its metamorphosis the dance form has progressed from local entertainment, to Vaudeville shows, to Broadway showsRead MoreAmerican Revolution and Study Guide Essay example5377 Words   |  22 PagesChapter 2 Study Guide Questions â€Å"The Planting of English America† 1. Discuss English treatment of the Irish and its consequence (10pts) 2. What lessons do you think English colonists learned from their early Jamestown experience? Focus on matters of fulfilling expectations, financial support, leadership skills, and relations with the Indians. What specific developments illustrate that the English living in the plantation colonies tried to apply these lessons? (25 pts) 2. Compare and contrast

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