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Victims Rights and Vengeance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Victims Rights and Vengeance - Essay Example After the colonial and the revolutionary periods the focus on the criminal law shifted making every crime an individual committed as a social harm. In the year 1982 president Ronald Reagan’s task force on crime victims who were released in the final report that reiterated the concerns of victims of crime have been overlooked, where most of their pleas just passed unheeded and their personal, emotional, financial wounds unattended. This led to a recommendation of amendment to the US constitution which found support from victims’ rights organization. Additionally, the congress passed the first piece of federal crime victims’ rights legislation called the witness protection act. Nevertheless more need to be done as more victims of crime are left behind either due to fear of coming out for privacy sake or failure of their pleas to be attended to (Boland and Butler, 2009). In 2004, an important landmark called crime victim’s rights act was passed which provided crime victims with eight particular rights. Legal guidance and support together with future legal professional on issues related to victims’ rights have been taught by victims’ rights organisations at the ground level advocacy which has helped to cement more dependability of the system under criminal justice. More organisation are being formed which provide direct service to victims this calls for foe education and awareness campaigns. The Crime Victims Rights Act (CRVA) has helped much especially the federal criminal cases by providing a venue for victims to choose what they want to do after they become victims of a crime, where they may decide to, or not to consult with an attorney or protect themselves from the accused. When one has the right to do and act as they will it given them the freedom to life a personal life without being interrupted. No one is above the law. The law states that no one should take matters on his

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Platos view of a perfect world Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 25

Platos view of a perfect world - Essay Example On the contrary, I think its’ very far from being Utopia. But what is Utopia? I would think that it is a world where there are peace and love among all men. But according to Plato’s The Republic, he considered a perfect state to have two things: the perfect man and the perfect justice. A perfect world cannot exist if the people that consist it are flawed. I must agree albeit hesitantly because come to think of it, the world is nothing but the sum of the people which consist it. Hence, to make a perfect world, the men that form it must be perfect as well. Although we have come a long way since our barbarian ancestors, we are not perfect still. According to Charles Darwin, men may have noble qualities and god-like intelligence and yet â€Å"men still bears in his bodily frame the inedible stamp of his lowly origin.† Since it is our body that limits us and prevents us from being perfect, Plato has suggested in The Republic that in the modern world, sickly and deformed children are segregated and put to death so they don’t contaminate nor burden the rest. They are flawed, and there is no room for flaws in a perfect world. Plato suggested that in a perfect world, there is unity among men and they are one with the state. Men cease to be mere individuals and instead they are seen as members of the state. I agree with this line of thinking because if men today would think this way, they would hesitate before doing harm to another because if they injure another, they injure the State. And in a way, they injure themselves. However, to attain this oneness with the State, Plato suggests communal property under the control of the state. Likewise, it suggests that the State rears the children without parents knowing their offspring. All of these are aimed to prevent accumulation of wealth, brains, beauty and other qualities of birth. Again, I must agree with this line of thinking.